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Sand Blasting Machine


In the year 2011, we started making the Sand Blasting Machines or Frosting Machines for making the surface of the rolls a little rough after grinding of the rolls. Sand Blasting helps in improving the initial efficiency of the rolls, mainly when the rolls are freshly grinded for the first 1 week.

We manufacture the Sand Blasting Machine or the Frosting Machine of 2 types. First is a fixed and commercial model. This model has automatic dust separator, grit size separator, etc. This model is more for commercial use, where the volume of rolls for sand blasting is too high and to have more production, the machine is equipment with most of the automatic systems.

The Second Option of the Frosting Machine is the portable and end-user model. This is a more practical model and is a very good solutions for flour mills, etc. as it is very simple machine.